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April 2014

defenestratrix’s post filled me with such joy, I had to sit down and write a little something for it.

The helicopters whirred overhead. People bustled inside. It was mayhem. The abandoned warehouse filled with people. The disembodied voice of Mycroft Holmes echoed through its empty halls.

“Fear not, ladies. We shall have you rescued directly.”

Mary rolled her eyes, and as she sipped delicately from her third—fourth?—margarita cocktail, she tilted an amused eyebrow at Molly, who giggled. She tilted her head towards her husband.

“Overdramatic, much? You can put that gun away now.”

John sighed, more than a little exasperated. “You were kidnapped!”

Mary shrugged. “Yeah.”

“You were given three hours to live!” Sherlock snapped. Molly grinned wider, and gave an enthusiastic nod.

“Mm-hm. Mary and I decided to team up, since you boys were taking so long.”

A snort of a laugh sounded from Sally Donovan, and she quickly received Molly’s remark with a high five to the two women.

“Told you they could look after themselves!” she crowed to a puzzled Greg.

Wiggins sighed heavily and stepped off the Vespa he had ‘acquired’.

“So there’s really no point in us being here?”

“None at all,” Sherlock said, his annoyance having given way to something resembling pride. John shot him a glare, but the hidden smile at his mouth did not go unnoticed.

“Just one question though,” Mary said thoughtfully. “Why is Mike dressed up as Batman?”

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