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make me choose → remus or sirius

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With every shitstorm and needless drama that occurs, I find myself becoming more and more disillusioned with the overall Sherlock fandom.

That does not however, mean I’m going to stop shipping and contributing to the good ship Sherlolly.

You fuckers who send anons and patronise and pick and wail and whine can try, but my OTP stands strong.

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Eavesdropping could be considered a very bad thing…unless you’re looking to fall in love, like in Much Ado About Nothing.

Kenneth Branagh & Emma Thompson knocked it out of the park in this one.

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Benedict + Amanda

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Anonymous asked: do you ever want to just like turn into hulk when you read rude, mean anti-sherlolly posts? sorry for asking you this i am going insane whenever i visit the tag and stupid jlockers are making fun of it again

To be honest Nonny, unless a post is sincerely problematic and actually makes me worried for the OP, I tend to ignore it. The people who make rude/mean anti-Sherlolly posts and tag them as Sherlolly—in the full knowledge that many people check the tag—have tagged those posts to get a reaction (“need to organise my blog” my arse), and it’s best to just ignore them and let them stew in their own angry thoughts. Preaching at them isn’t going to change things. I much prefer to spend my time writing and liking and reblogging Sherlolly and whatever else I like, to be honest.

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andrealaker asked: Hello dear, I just wanted to pop out and say that I really loved your swap!lock from the great game. Really, really well written. Any chance you could continue? Anyway, I hope you had a good day! :)

Woah, late, late reply! So sorry about that, but you see, once I received your message, I got a ridiculous amount of inspiration, and my continuation of my Great Game swap!lock sort of… well, it transmogrified into a 10,000+ words swap!lock retelling of the entirety of TRF with a bout of angsty hate sex on the side. To quote Sherlock Holmes, it just “well, sort of… happened.” So I’ve been squirrelled away writing it when I could, and you can find the result here:

FF.net & Ao3

Here’s a small(ish) sample to “wet your whistle”, so to speak.

(Ooh, and many thanks to bencumber for the beta read!)

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harry potter meme → one book

deathly hallows

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No one is willing to admit that wine doesn’t actually have a taste.

No one is willing to admit that wine doesn’t actually have a taste.

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I don’t go looking for trouble. Trouble usually finds me.

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Guess who’s currently getting back to work on her Swaplock Reichenbach story:

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