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Eleanor, 20. I track the tag "mollymatterrs".

I sometimes channel my feelings into words.

the woman who counted.


maybe we started this fire



Tell her she’ll go to sea and fight pirates. She’ll fall in love with a man who’ll wait two-thousand years to keep her safe. Tell her she’ll give hope to the greatest painter who ever lived and save a whale in outer space.

*backs away slowly from the Sherlock fandom*

Troian Bellisario by Patrick Adams.


This simple sketch has become a fan fiction!
Thanks at the amazing Lono for write this wonderful story!

…and this is officially the first fanfiction on the “skull pants”!!

If you want to read is found at this address:


Good Night :)

We’re going to go for a drink in every street where we… 


I agree, I’m the best thing that could have ever happened to you.


Sometimes, all you had to do was exist in order to be someone’s saviour.”

requested by mayacakaia


quick random drawing of khan

#1 problem with setting up a new laptop:

Trying, and failing, to remember all your passwords.

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